Deployed Troops Wish List

We also put together and donate packages to our Troops on Active Duty deployed for The War on Terror. We send the packages to those Units who have suffered Casualties and Fatalities while Protecting us back home in The United States of America.

The Men and Women deployed GREATLY appreciate any letters or packages sent to them. However, many people want to send packages, but don’t know what to send. This is a short list of requested items. We can pick up the packages for you if any of us are in the area, or we will send you an address you can send them to. 

International Phone Cards, Batteries (mostly AA), “123A” 3-Volt Lithium Batteries (SureFire type preferred),  Baby wipes (small portable packages), Blistex or Lip Balm, Saline Solution (for eyes), Hand and Face Lotion, Alcohol Hand Sanitizers (small bottles), Foot Powder and Gold Bond, Gatorade Powder Drink Mix, Red Bull Energy Drink, Power Bars / Energy Bars, Trail Mix, Multi-Vitamins, Beef Jerky, Instant soups (no cans, preferably dehydrated bags), ZipLock 1 Gallon (and other sizes-sandwich) Freezer Bags, BLACK Electrical tape, Zip Ties (cable ties) BLACK-all sizes, Chewing Gum, Hard Candy, Chewing Tobacco, Cigarettes, Socks (thick hiking socks for patrols), gel insole for boots, books (soft cover) and magazines. NO chocolate bars-they meltNo Glass- it will break in their packs.

Just keep in mind if you are going to send a package, that most of these Men and Women do not have much space to store or carry these items. You want to think small and light. “Travel Light, Freeze at Night”.