“I would personally like to thank your company for the fund raiser which has helped myself and my family. It is greatly appreciated.

I am from A Co. 4-31 10th Mountain Division. We were sent to Baghdad Iraq for 15 to 18 months. I was only over there for 3 months before I got injured. When I got injured I was North of Baghdad at Taji. We were doing a Traffic Control Point in the middle of the morning when my vehicle got hit. As a result, myself and 4 other Soldiers got hurt.

Now, and probably the rest of my life, I’ll be walking with a cane.

So, myself and my family appreciate what you have started for us Veterans. We are greatly thankful for people like you. Thank you very much.”

Sincerely, SPC Blakeslee and Family (Little Falls New York)

“Higher Education is within all our grasps

By Cathy Merkel, UA Registrar

Through the gernerocity of the Fallen and Wounded, the National Labor College is able to provide two $500 scholarships each year to those that meet the requirements. In August 2007, Vinnie Valente UA Local 777 Instructor, graduated from the Instructor Training Program and Washtenaw Community College with an Associates Degree. Vinnie is currently enrolled in the Bachelors Program at the Naitonal Labor College, and will graduate in June of 2008. Vinnie was awarded the first Annual Sergeant David Coullard scholarship in the amount of $500. This scholarship was set up in memroy of Local Union 777member Sergeant David Coullard who was killed in Iraq while serving our country. Pictured from left to right are Frank DeCato Local Union 777 Training Coordiantor, Phil Martin UA Training Specialist, Bill Turner UA International Representative, Cathy Merkel UA Registrar, Vinni Valente, Combat Veteran Marine Sergeant Chris Demanski, Anita & Greg Dziedzic (parents of Sergeant Coullard), and Hubert Barnes Local Union 777 Business Manager. On behalf of General  President Hite and Director of Training Mike Arndt, we extend congratulations to LU 777 Apprentice and Journeymen Instructor Vinnie Valente for his dedication to education and training. Vinnies accomplishements were honored at a luncheon hosted by John Barasso and the MCA of Connecticut. Special Thanks to John Barasso and the friends of the MCA Connecticut for hosting the celebration.”

Hey D-Man, 
Just letting you that I’m home and been doing alot of traveling, vacationing of course. Well, I’ll go back to work being a probation officer again soon. Here are some more. pics for you to enjoy. Again, thanks for all you did for me….

(then later) Thanks for everything you did for us!!! I ‘ve been back at work as a probation office for a month. I am still adjusting, but Ok. Hopefully one of these days I will come up there and do some rock climbing and drink beer. Again, thanks for what you done for me while I was in Iraq. 

Sergeant David Coullard Valor, Discipline and Vision Scholarship – Glastonbury High School Scholarship Presentation June 2008

D-MAN,Whats up brother?  Things have been good here in the “sand box”, although it is just as shitty as I remembered it.  Guess its a good place to prepare for the next shit hole were going to.  Got that package and passed out the contents.  Pass along our thanks to your Doc for sending those vitamins.  The boys are good. 6 days at a time out in the field, one day off, so it wears on you.  But, all is well and motivation is high.  Thanks again for looking out for 2nd platoon.  We really appreciate all the support.  In response to yur request, below is a “top 10” list so to speak of items we need/ want. Again, thanks.  Will try to send pictures out to you so your organization and its supporters can see who they are helping.  Not too good with the computer, so I’m not promising anything.  Take care bro, talk to you soon.Semper Fi!HERMUSMC-“AA” batteries-Gatorade powder drink mix-Baby wipes (a lot)-“123A”  3 volt lithium batteries (SureFire type preferred)
-Alcohol hand sanitizer (small bottles)-Hygiene items-Magazines (all types)-Black electrical tape-Zip-lock 1gal freezer bags-Hard candy-Power bars/ energy bars-Red Bull engergy drink-International Phone Cards-Zip-ties (cable ties), black, all sizes

DMAN, MY BROTHER from another MOTHER!!!!

Just a quick line to say “Thanks” for all the gear you sent us. It was greatly appreciated. Also wanted you to know that I talk about you all the time, and all the $%!# that we went through!!!! I have a picture of you, Vito and Andrews up on our wall for motivation. Sorry about Vito. Nothing like VD Vision (Vito +DMan Vision)!!! Don’t worry, were getting ours!!! Wish you were here!!!

Tell you organization thanks from all of us. Semper Fi

SB 3RD Special Forces Group

I want to thank a former Marine Staff Sgt traveling thru Fulton, NY – my son has 4th stage colon cancer and we had been holding a fund raiser garage sale to help with his medical expenses but had closed the sale due to a downpour of rain – this SSgt (I do not know his name) saw my sons Marine picture and took time to come to the door to make inquiries! LCpl Scott Snyder was in …- thank God for the VA as his health insurance thru his employment as a utility locator had not gone into effect yet. Scott and the family are most appreciative of the donation made thru your organization. Thank you and this SSgt so much! Words cannot express how uplifting it was to have him show up at our door in our lowest moments.  Pls keep LCpl Scott Snyder in your prayers. 

Thelma Snyder

I just wanted to say Thank you very much for the money that you sent myself and our family. It was greatly appreciated. My name is Sergeant DeLeon. I was Wounded in Iraq on August 11 2007 by a Mortar Attack. I received shrapnel to my head and my ribs, and I have hearing loss in my right ear. I was diagnosed with TBI and was sent to Ft. Bragg to continue treatment only because I had family near by. My wife and kids were still in Fort Carson. I sent for them out of my own pocket. My wife had to put our things in storage, put our kids in our car, and drive from Colorado to North Carolina. I had to still pay for my rent in Colorado for about three months. I am still paying for storage because I have not been able to get transportation from the Army to ship my household goods. We have our home now, just with no furniture, except for a big mattress in which we all sleep on, a washer that I have been renting since I got hurt. Thank you for your help. It is appreciated more than you know.

Outstanding East Hartford Students Volunteer their time with Robin and others to visit Rocky Hill Veterans Home and hand out Fallen And Wounded T-shirts to “Thank a Veteran” on Thanksgiving:

“Mr. Demanski—Many Thanks. First of all I just want to express how I think it’s so great w/ what you are doing w/ The Fallen and Wounded Program. Secondly, I want to thank you so much for granting me the Sergeant David Coullard Valor, Discipline and Vision Memorial Scholarship. The amount of money will be beneficial for me to pursue my college education. If you could please pass on my sympathies to Sergeant Coullard’s family. Again, Thank You so much!” Joshua G.

Dude, YOU ROCK!!!! Thank you soooo much Chris. You and yours will be

in our prayers. You will always have a friend out west.  : 

Sincerely, Anthony A.S.    Tulare, CA

US Navy

hello Chris, Its been awile I hope all is well with u and ur family. I was e-mailing u to see if this year there was any help for the Christmas this year, things r pretty tight again, i have been in rehab dealing with some issues from being blown up in Irag. So has been holding the fort down so to speak, while Im away. Doing the best she can so I hate to ask if u can help with the holidays, it would be tremendously appreciated as usual. Im so greatful for all u have done for all of u thru out the years. So give me a call. Again thank u !!!

H&J B. US Army

 Sergeant Demanski (Once a Marine, Always a Marine) Thank you! This video is my show of appreciation….