Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Slot – The Overview

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Slot

The follow up the popular rainbow riches video slot, the Pick n Mix slot is quite similar to the aforementioned, thanks to its pleasant Irish theme song jingling in the game’s background. As well as the crazy wild-eyed leprechaun is displaying clearly on the slots five reels.

However, this beast of a game is definitely on rainbow riches casino game. Now, do us a huge favour, if you are a newbie in the mobile slots world, you can try out the original casino game first. Or you could also try out the OMG Kittens, which, as we all know, won’t do more than putting a smile on a player’s face. Why? You might ask! Well, try and start with the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix game, and you’ll end up pushing away the slots, though, this is for experienced slots player only.

Pick n Mix – the requirements and strategy

It isn’t something we’d talk about when it comes to Android and iOS slots. More often than not, players try and spin to win the mega jackpot. Before anything else, players should stake more than $1 per spin. If that doesn’t sound good, then there’s always the popular monopoly once around the deluxe variant game which starts at 0.15 per spin.

Why stake high? You might be wondering why this is so. To be sincere, the return to player rate (RTP) increases. Less than 1 per spin gives a player a low return of 94%, higher than 1 per spin, and players will automatically get a considerate return of 96%.

If a player uses the big bet option on the game, where he or she spends ten to get either 5 free spins or trigger the bonus feature, and you’ll be talking about returns of 98%. ‘

But, you can choose to ignore the big bet option entirely if you so wish there’s no doubt that the bigger players can bet, the more favourable your betting odds are, though even as a simple spin and win slots games rainbow riches Pick n Mix has plenty to offer.

Select from five bonuses features before you start spinning

Now, here’s where things start getting pretty interesting. Before you spin, you asked to pick a maximum of three out of five bonus features. Players don’t have to choose three or pick two or one, though we found three to be the best pick.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix slot – more than just a place.

Many experienced slots player will tell you that the rainbowriches pick n mix slot is more than a slot game, but one that requires deep thoughts. But is it difficult? Not! After all, that’s why you are here. Thanks to this information, players will be able to make the right choices as to how best to play; which options are worth the entire investment, time invested, and how much a player should bet. And once completed, what a player will find is an innovative slot game which will give you more control compared to other video slots game.