Patriot Raffle

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Patriot raffle. We were able to help out two families, and have two Scholarships in the names of two men from Connecticut who were Killed in Action during the War on Terror. Thank you for your support.

1ST Place New England Patriots v New York Jets tickets goes to Gwen from West Hartford (Ticket # 2736)

2ND Place $100 Stop & Shop Gift card goes to Tony from Rocky Hill (Ticket #2002)

3RD Place $50 Sunoco Gas Card goes to Carl from West Hartford (Ticket # 2103)

Thank you for all of your support!!!

I need to mention that the 1st place winner of the Patriots Raffle, Gwen, did NOT go to the game. Gwen and her husband decided not to use the tickets that they won from our Fund Raiser. Gwen called and told us first to cancel the hotel room because she was not going to use it and did not want us to pay for it. Then she and her husband decided not to attend the game at all. This was very surprising as Gwen is a diehard NY Jets fan, and was extremely excited when she found out that she had won the tickets. She really wanted to take her husband to the game so she could see her favorite team, and give her husband a break who had been having some difficult times at his work.

However, on Friday before the game, I called to ensure that she had received the tickets and to make sure that everything was in order for them. I was informed through email that Gwen and her husband had decided to give the tickets away instead of attending the game. You see, Gwen and her husband knew a family that was having more difficulties than they were. We are all experiencing difficulties in our own ways. There was a family that they knew who had been laid off from work that week, and it was a serious blow to the person who was laid off from work, as well as the person who had to do the laying off.  Seeing how devastated the family was, Gwen and her husband knew they had to do something to lift their spirits.

Gwen and her husband did not have much to offer them, but they did have the Patriots v Jets tickets. The game was something they had talked about going to everyday since they made the donation and received the raffle ticket. Gwen kept the raffle ticket on the refrigerator for her and her husband to see every day leading up to the drawing. When they were informed they won the tickets, she was so excited. However, they knew it would mean much more to the family that needed to have a “pick me up”. Gwen and her husband decided to give the person and a guest the two tickets that they had won. This is in keeping with the spirit that has made our Country great. We all must look out for each other and pick each other up when times get rough. Gwen and her husband are a perfect example of this. People like this will help our Country to get through any sort of tough times. As long as we all look out for each other the way that Gwen and her husband just demonstrated, there is nothing that will keep us down. Our hats are off to you Gwen and your husband. We Salute you.

Another great example is Seng from the Sunoco Gas Station at 669 Farmington Avenue at the intersection with Prospect Avenue in West Hartford. Seng is the owner and operator of the Sunoco. He had heard about the raffle fund raiser that we were conducting. Knowing that we had to purchase the prizes for the raffle, which came directly from our pockets and the raffle ticket  donations, and that we were cutting it very close on covering our overhead expenses, he decided to DONATE the $50 Sunoco Gift card out of his own pocket!!!. This man is another great example of what makes our Country so great. As it turns out his family is a major supporter of our Military and Veterans, as his brother is currently serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps presently in Iraq protecting us. People who look out for others, and help them when they need it, are some of the many reasons our Country is the Greatest Country in the World!!!

Who sold the most tickets and won the Scholarships?

All I can tell you is that there are some really good people out there. Some people do not want to be acknowledged, and I understand that. All I can say is that there was a Scholarship sent to Quinnipiac University in Staff Sergeant Thomas Vitagliano’s name. This is the University that Thomas Vitagliano graduated from. This way the scholarship will be given out to a student there, and his memory will carry on at that establishment.

The second place Sergeant David Coullard scholarship was won by another person. This person as well did not accept the award, and has requested that the 2nd Place Scholarship Award be presented to another local High School student who has helped us out over the years. What goes around comes around. Therefore the Sergeant David Coullard Scholarship is being presented to Joshua Gustine. Josh is an excellent soccer player who is graduating from East Hampton High school. Joshua is also in the top three of his class.

Congratulations to our Scholarship recipients, and thank you again for Your Support!!!