Our Candle Fund Raisers

Instead of having “Car Washes” or “Spaghetti Dinners” (we just do not have the staff to do this), we make all of our money to Donate to the Families and Friends of the Fallen and Wounded through our Door to Door / Business to Business Fund Raising with local businesses, our Golf Outings, our Web-Site Donations, our Candle Fund Raisers, and our T-Shirts donations. Thank you for YOUR HELP. Also see our “Upcoming Events” page for Fund Raising events Casino Reviews – Svenska Spel Casino

As well we are pleased to announce that a three year business relationship with one of our suppliers has turned into a way to help out. We donate a portion of the profits from any purchases from our associated websites, or Team membership commissions and overrides, to this cause as well. Our supplier has been in business for over 50 years, and now has International recognition with professional sporting event sponsorships and teams, as well as relationships with numerous well known companies. Many VFW’s. American Legions, and Marine Corps Leagues, as well as other such organizations, use this source for their consumable products, as they are autoshipped every month and are very cost effective. Now through our sites they help our cause. You can find out more at www.CDDevelopments.us

T-Shirts come in Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. There are two styles, one is with an American Bald Eagle Head, and the other is with the United States of America Flag. They both say “Support Our Troops” on the top and “Spring Fling” on the bottom. They are white shirts with Red and Blue lettering. Please specify how many, and sizes in your email. The T-Shirts are $8 each, 2 for $15, and 3 for $20. The link is below.

We Have 2 Sizes for our Candle Fund Raisers. They are 10oz for $10.00, and 16oz for $15.00. These are our Premium Candles and the 10oz’s will Burn up to 60 hours, and the 16oz’s will Burn up to 120 hours!!!

The Scents are:

Cinnamon Sticks, Mountain Berry, Mountain Lake, French Vanilla, Lemon Pound Cake, Fresh Cotton, MacIntosh Apple, Fresh Flowers, Sugar Cookies, Chinese Rain, Strawberries & Cream, and Caribbean Breeze.

We also have our Holiday Scents. They are $10.00 for the 10oz size.

The Scents are:

Christmas Cookie, Holiday Wishes, Bayberry, Christmas Memories, Pumpkin Spice, Christmas Tree, Cranberry Delight, and Cinnamon Sticks.

We also have another group of Candles where the Pints will burn for 90-100 hours, and the half pints will burn for 45-50 hours. The prices are Full Pints for $14.00, and Half Pints for $8.00. 

The Scents are:

Black Cherry, Cake Bake, Christmas Berry, Cinnamon Berry, Cinnamon Apple, Flower Shop, Honey Dew Melon, Honeysuckle, Mulberry, Peach, Peppermint Candy, Rain, Sugar Cookie, Red Hots, and Vanilla.